Photography Break

To all of my clients, this is just a post letting you know I am taking a break from photography.  If you need a great local photographer for newborns, family portraits or weddings, please fill out the contact form by clicking this link: Virginia Beach Photographer.  Leah Nisbet will be in touch shortly with her pricing and availability!  Best wishes to you and thank you for visiting the blog!

Snow Day!!! | Virginia Beach Photographer

I cannot tell you how many times my little boy’s bedtime prayers have included, “…and please make it snow soon.”  So I’m sure it goes without saying that we had two very excited children this morning when they woke up to this beautiful blanket of white!

We had so much fun making snow balls….

…snow angels….and snow showers.

And, of course, what would a snow day be without at least one good snowball fight?!

There’s no where I would rather be than right here, right now, playing with these two awesome kids.

I am so blessed to be their Mom.
Happy Snow Day, People!:)

Christmas Family Portraits | Virginia Beach Photographer

Every year my sister-in-law, Cassy, comes up with a memorable theme for their Christmas photos that defines their year as a family.  This year they spent their summer in a log cabin beside a creek in a beautiful Arkansas resort.  So what could be better for this year’s family photos than to go back home to the log cabin in Virginia Beach where Luc not only grew up, but helped his dad build as a young boy?  

Christmas Log Cabin
It was a perfect winter day to bundle up for cozy pictures on the front porch of this beautiful home out in the Virginia Beach countryside. 
Christmas Family
There’s something about taking family photos for a family who loves and enjoys each other that is truly priceless.  I love these people.
Christmas Family

Christmas Family

Christmas Family

 I have always loved how Luc and Cassy are able to bring their family together for Christmas in such a memorable photo that highlights the wonderful times they had together during that year.

It brings the meaning of Christmas closer to home for me every time.


Christmas time is here

We’ll be drawing near

Oh, that we could always see

Such spirit through the year

Oh, that we could always see

Such spirit through the year…


Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas!!

Engagement Portraits | Virginia Beach Photographer, Boardwalk Session

This was definitely high on the list of the most fun engagement sessions of the summer!   Brandon + Roni + A Beautiful Evening in Virginia Beach…it just couldn’t have been better.

It was obvious these two have known each other for a long time.   During the course of our conversation, I found out they met in high school and even went to prom together in the same group…with different dates.  :)

It’s always an amazing love when two best friends decide to be together for a life-time.  After doing photos in his military uniform, we headed down to the ocean where Brandon & Roni took off their shoes and spent the evening talking and laughing together in the sand. 

Our Love

By: Roni Stephenson

Our love is just like a brand new baby

Exciting and invigorating all in one.

You’re nervous but you don’t hold back

Sometimes there is  crying and sadness

Sometimes there are hissy fits.

You have your ups and downs

Just like everyone does

The love grows and get stronger

Just like a baby becoming a child

You learn something new along the way

And just keep going day by day.

They make every day worth while

Just to see you smile

It not something that develops overnight

Everything good takes time.

Before you know

The time will flow

And they will be all grown up

And the cycle will be repeating itself.

Our love continues

And is never ending

Just like the cycle of life

It is never ending.